union jackUnion Jack is steeped in Nantucket history.  It was built in 1806 by house carpenter Lot Hinckley, who had purchased several pieces of “Quanaty Bank” property in the first decade of the nineteenth century.  Like its neighbors on either side, it is a ‘typical Nantucket house’.   Ship’s carpenter Clovis Black then purchased the home in 1812 for $1,525. Owned by merchants and mariners in the 1820’s, it was purchased by another ship carpenter, or shipwright, Job L. Trafton, who also referred to himself as a ‘caulker’, in 1823. A caulker’s job was to use waterproof materials to stop up the cracks between the planks of boats so they didn’t leak. This involved, among other tasks, filling the cracks with oakum (untwisted strands of old ropes) and sealing planks with tar.Trafton’s family owned the house for forth-five years, selling it to widow Catherine Killeen in 1869. When she sold the house for $300 in 1874, she retained life rights in the property.  The 1870 U.S. Federal Census shows a full house at 29 Union: Killeen was in residence with the new owners of the house, Patrick and Lizzie Keane, their four school age children, a niece, and Killeen’s grandchildren ages twelve and thirteen.

The house is an excellent example of the Typical Nantucket House.  The entry hall is characteristic of later example of the style with an open passageway. Note the old plaster walls, wide-board floors, transoms above the doorways and paneled fireplace walls with Federal mantels. The current dining room and upstairs den show evidence of its original plan. Floorboards at the back of these rooms indicate that the room was slightly smaller and held a partition wall possibly for a back stairway prior to the construction of the rear ell.

Darcy Creech acquired the property in March 2012, renovated it, and welcomed her first guests in June 2012. Union Jack is named after its location on Union St., Darcy’s father and business partner Jack, and the U.S. Union Jack flag (the navy flag with 50 white stars that is flown off the bow of U.S. Coast Guard vessels when they are in port). A year round Nantucket resident since 1995, Darcy is also the visionary behind the iconic Peter Beaton lifestyle brand, Hydrex Philanthropic, and Nantucket Wheelers.

Quality time with family and friends. Navy and White. Flags flying in the harbor. The ocean at your doorstep. Memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for choosing to stay at Union Jack. We truly appreciate it.